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A Kibu subscription is the perfect gift for friends and family, or someone in need. With Kibu's inclusive educational and recreational content, you're offering the gift of learning, growth, and inclusion. Whether it's for a specific individual or to help someone in need discover the possibilities, your generosity creates opportunities for a brighter future.


Rebecca Christian

12 Months

Big Homefield Guy

Supporting a great cause!

7 Months

Daniel Caridi

6 Months


6 Months

Love this - happy to support :)

5 Months

Joseph Caridi

Let's goooooo

3 Months

Graham Colwell

2 Months


2 Months

Degen Creator

1 Months

Adrian Paun

Good luck and great health :). Be consistent and never give up 💪

1 Months

Shoji family

1 Months

Richard Rotonde

1 Months

Stella Porto

1 Months

Michael Caridi

1 Months

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